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Ad Hoc Committee on Racial Justice


Take a seat at the table. Join us.

Committee Chair

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Sebastian Ross, Esq.

Committee Members

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Frank Rudy Cooper

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Racial Justice Committee

NBA Is Saddened By the Buffalo Massacre
May 2022
As an NBA affiliate, the LVNBA endorses this statement.

This weekend, I received a call from Kristen Clark, the assistant U. S. attorney general for civil rights. I knew something had gone terribly wrong in the country. We talked about the mass casualties in New York and that most victims were Black Americans. My heart dropped. It is comforting to know that the U. S.. Department of Justice and FBI will thoroughly investigate this latest tragedy as a racially motivated hate crime. Prayerfully, we will stomp out hate and get justice for the families of the deceased."

—Carlos Moore, NBA President


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